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Updated 03/22/20152014-2015  Meeting Schedule is listed below.... Update your calendar!

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Taxing District Sets up a Facebook Page:  The Logan Gate Special Dependent Taxing District now has its own Facebook page. 

A board of elected officials within Hillsborough County Florida. This board manages tax dollars for Logan Gate Village. A Citrus Park community.
Organization Name
Logan Gate Village Special Dependent Tax District
Board Members:
Bev Snyder - President
Don Hardy - Vice President
Jessica James - Secretary
Mark Penzato - Treasurer
Doug Dear - Trustee
John Schneider - Trustee
John Miecznikowski - Trustee

Hillsborough County Ordinance 87-50.

The Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough county issued this ordinance effective 16 December, 1987.

The ordinance includes the following:  The administration of the affairs of the district shall be governed by a board of seven members.  The ordinance shall define the powers and duties of the board.

Provide for the qualification of electors in the district and the manner of conducting the election of the board.

Provide for removal of trustees and appointment to fill vacancies.
Provide for assessment and collection of a special district tax.
Provide for the deposit and disbursement of funds of the district.
Establish a fiscal year budget.
Provide for publication of annual financial statements.
Relieve individual trustees from personal liability for obligations of the district.
Provide a procedure for the abolition of the district if necessary.
Providing a monthly public hearing
A total of seven members shall serve two years.
There shall be a President, Vice President, a Recording Secretary and a Treasurer.
There will be three trustees in addition to the elected officials who serve a two year period.

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General Information
The district is responsible for maintaining the common areas throughout Logan Gate Village. These areas include the main ent...rances on Logan Gate Boulevard as well as Normandie Road. The district is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance in the common areas alongside the roadways, medians, and neighborhood entrances. This board manages the maintenance and upkeep of the outer surfaces of the block wall along Henderson Road, Logan Gate Village Boulevard, Monterrey Boulevard and the North side of Normandie Road. The district also maintains certain wetlands and pond areas within the community which is not owned by the residents or managed by Parks and Recreation.
This board holds no authority upon the use of private property and therefore this board does not maintain enforcement or interest in deed restrictions. Deed restrictions or specific homeowner issues and complaints must be directed to the proper enforcement authority or homeowners association if applicable.
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To protect the non-ad valorem tax dollars paid by the community and to reinvest the collected funds utilizing the given authority.



Pond Project Files

Artificial Wetland Cell Project

Artificial Wetland Cell Project (Floating Island Build sheet)

Clean Water Document

Practical Significance of Mud Article

The Nitrogen Cycle


Monterey Lakeside Park gets a Parking Lot! 

It continues to be a goal of the Tax District Board to add recreation features at this park.  While the back Dog Park has increased usage since it was converted, it still is a secluded area that has very little oversight.  Monterey Lakeside Park has huge visibility.  Every one that drives down Monterey looks at the park.  As a board member I have made protection of our kids a priority.  I want more eyes on our children.  I want parents, neighbors and even the UPS truck driver to be able to observe activities in the park.

To that end the board of trustees sent a request to the County Parks and Recreation to consider putting in a parking lot.  Just a few weeks ago the manpower and materials became available and the county installed the parking lot.  We take our hats off the the county staff for their efforts.

Now the board is seeking further improvements in recreation equipment.  Please share your ideas.  Email president@logangatevillage.org