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What is the Logan Gate Special Dependent Tax District?

This board consists of a group of trustees, voted into office by registered voters through the Supervisor of Elections in Hillsborough County. This board is elected to manage the Non-Ad Valorem property tax revenue collected by the Hillsborough County Property Appraisers office. Logan Gate Village is a dependent district within the Citrus Park community.

Who are the elected officials in this district?

Bev Snyder - President
Kenrick Gleckler - Vice President
Jessica James - Secretary 
Mark Penzato - Treasurer

Doug Dear - Trustee
John Schneider - Trustee
John Miecznikowski - Trustee 

Hillsborough County Ordinance 87-50.

The district is responsible for maintaining the common areas throughout Logan Gate Village. These areas include the main entrances on Logan Gate Boulevard as well as Normandie Road. The district is responsible for the landscaping, maintenance and irrigation in the common areas alongside the roadways, medians, and neighborhood entrances. This board manages the maintenance and upkeep of the outer surfaces of the block wall along Henderson Road, Logan Gate Village Boulevard, Monterey Boulevard and the North side of Normandie Road. The district also maintains certain wetlands and pond areas within the community which is not owned by the residents or managed by Parks and Recreation. 
This board holds no authority upon the use of private property and therefore this board does not maintain enforcement or interest in deed restrictions. Deed restrictions or specific homeowner issues and complaints must be directed to the proper enforcement authority or homeowners association if applicable.

If you are not familiar with the tax district and you have questions, please send us your comments. Our email and mailing address can be located on the contact page. We would love to hear from you!

In brief, you should know the following about us: This government organization was formed to protect the non-ad valorem tax dollars paid by the community and to reinvest the collected funds utilizing the given authority.


Are you affiliated with an Association? 

No. LGV does not have a Homeowners Association. In previous years, LGV was incorporated as an Association. That corporation has dissolved. LGV reincorporated as a Civic Organization with voluntary dues to assist with small community events. For Realtor's or anyone needing assistance or information with individual properties, estoppel support, or closing documents, please contact lgvcivicassoc@gmail.com.

Do you provide estoppel information?

No. Estoppel requests from Realtors to this agency will not be answered. The tax district does not provide this information. There are no "dues" of any kind that are payable to an association. The tax district receives all of its funds directly from property tax revenue which each homeowner is assessed each year through the Hillsborough County Property Tax Collectors office. This assessment is mandatory and is paid annually to the Tax Collectors Office. The funds are paid by you through your mortgage company (if you have an escrow) or yearly with your property tax bill. The tax district does not send a separate bill. This process is handled by Hillsborough County.

Can I attend your meetings?

Yes. We encourage anyone with a genuine interest to attend the meetings. The door is always open. Please join us!

How do I pay the tax district?

The funds to pay the tax district are included in your annual property tax bill.

How much are my Non-Ad Valorem taxes?

The current amount paid by each resident in this district is $135.00 annually.

How many homes are in the district?

There are now 974 homes in the district.

Are there rental properties in Logan Gate?

A small percentage of property owners offer their homes for rent. Renting is discouraged in the community due to various maintenance issues. 

What is the term for each position?

Each officer is elected for a term of 4 years. If a vacancy should occur within a specified term, a candidate can be appointed and registered with the Supervisor of Elections. Each candidate must be qualified. All officers are required to submit financial disclosure documents as required by the Florida Statute.