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The Pond Project aka "The Eyes on our Children" Project is almost complete! The Monterey Lakeside Park and Pond is a focal point at the entrance of the community. The area is now used daily for sports, fishing and picnics. The addition of the Gazebo several years ago was the concept of former board members and past President Don Hardy. Mr Hardy along with the board members had a vision to make the park a safer place for the children and families in the area. Tampa Electric will bring much needed lighting to the walking path in the park. The TECO lights have a scheduled install for June 2017. The lighted fountain in the pond by the gazebo was completed in 2016!! We thank everyone who has participated in the conception and revitalization of this area. This has added an extra boost to the home values and the lighting will offer an added layer of security. Thank you all for the great feedback and I am delighted this project was a great success!

Normandie Road signage- Please enjoy the beautiful new entry signs on Normandie Road and Rosemary Drive. We received 5 bids on this project and ultimately Brandon Signs was selected as the vendor. The signs were installed on November 4, 2016. We removed the old signs which had been in place for over 10 years. The new signs are modern and were selected to compliment the entry signs on Henderson Road. We hope you enjoy them!!

The Wall Project- This project began in 2014 as a maintenance project. The wall project included 10,000 linear feet of paint and the restoration of certain specified areas. The project began with a bright coat of primer which assisted everyone involved in locating certain problem areas. As the "bright" primer eventually turned to a final color, engineers were called to inspect the stability of the wall. Certain areas needed additional attention.

The Wall Restoration- The wall restoration along Monterey Boulevard is an enormous project.  As we drive along Monterey Blvd there is a concrete wall on both sides of the road. Each section of this concrete wall sits on the private property of the adjoining homeowner. The wall is 30+ years old and during that time large roots from the oak trees have grown under the wall which has caused significant damage. For example, the tax district requested quotes on a 40 foot section of wall on the corner of Trucious and Monterey. That section was quoted several times recently. The average cost to restore this 40 foot section of wall (on the homeowners property) is $18,000+. The restoration will need to be completed by a licensed and insured contractor who will pull a permit, prune the tree roots, build a lentil so any additional growth does not do additional damage, build up the concrete, paint etc. The wall on the boulevard requires several thousand feet of the same kind of repairs. The tax district has stepped in previously and painted the street side of the wall to enhance the wall "esthetically", but a restoration project of this magnitude will need to utilize the funds of each taxpayer. A significant increase in property taxes would need to occur to restore all sections of the wall. All options are being weighed and all homeowners will be notified. If anyone has additional questions, comments or ideas, please send them to me at president@logangatevillage.org or please attend the next meeting which takes place on 4th Monday of each month at the main entrance of Logan Gate Blvd at Tampa Day School @ 7pm. ]

Request for information- Logan Gate Village is a community of 975 private residences including 48 Townhomes. In the past there has been an effort to disseminate information to the masses which has been acceptable to some taxpayers, but lacking for other taxpayers. In the past, important information has been delivered via newsletter by US Mail to each address. The tax board does not pay for the newsletter, however we have contributed articles of information periodically.  It is my understanding the newsletter will continue. This board has received multiple requests on numerous occasions to disseminate information via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, US Mail, Newsletters, by phone, by email and by text message. As you can see there are many different portals to gather information. In the next few weeks, you will receive (via US Mail) a request to forward an email address from all 975 private residences. If you do not wish to be contacted, you may opt out. The Tax District for Logan Gate Village per Hillsborough County Ordinance 87-50 manages the property taxes for the 975 private residents. If you are interested in the financials for the tax district, they are public record and can be accessed via a link on our Hillsborough County contact page.

Smoke Detectors- If you live in unincorporated Hillsborough county and you do not have a working smoke alarm, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue will install one for you at no cost!
Things to consider**
More than 3,000 lives are lost every year in home fires.
Many of these deaths are due to a non-working smoke alarm.
The smell of the smoke may not wake a sleeping person, but poisonous gases produced by fire can numb the senses and put you into a deeper sleep.
A working smoke alarm can offer valuable time for you and your family to escape.
There was a fire in Logan Gate in May 2017 which completely destroyed the home. The owners lost everything including their dog. We want everyone to remain safe so please check your smoke detectors.
Please call 813-272-6600 for a smoke alarm at no cost to you!
Monterey Wall - We have received requests for information pertaining to the wall on Trucious and Monterey Boulevard. Again, I direct your attention to the statute and how your money is spent. This board performs upkeep on the side of the wall that is facing the street which was painted in December of 2015. I have taken the liberty of compiling the specifics for the concrete wall which includes the individual plat numbers for each homeowner that owns a portion of the wall. The list can be viewed on the county web site. There are 105 homeowners which own 10,000 feet of wall. The average length of each owned section is approximately 100 feet per plat. The majority of the wall is structurally unsound which is the result of unpruned trees and roots on the homeowners property.  Moving forward your tax dollars will not be paying for structural repairs to the wall so please prune your trees and maintain your section of the wall. This will save yourself and others time and expense.
We appreciate your patience.  Bev Snyder