Duties & Responsibilities
Contact Information

Hillsborough County Contact Information for residents of Hillsborough County and Logan Gate Village

Hillsborough County Code Enforcement  813-274-6600

Street Light Outage  813-223-0800

Pot Holes in the street 813-635-3500

Mosquito Control 813-635-5400

Republic Waste Services 813-265-0292

Animal Control - 813-744-5660 - If you witness animal cruelty or encounter a dangerous animal, please call animal control immediately. If it is after hours, please call 911. We will pursue a vigorous prosecution of any individual charged with animal cruelty.

Sheriff - non emergency number 813-247-8200 . Please call this number for neighborhood disturbances, car or motorcycle racing, suspicious persons or vehicles.

Crime Stoppers Reward Hotline - 800-873-8477 . This is an anonymous tip line. This number must be used to report a tip and collect any rewards that may be offered.

For published financial information, please copy this link into your browser or visit     http://mydistrictwebsite.com

The mailing address for the Tax District

To contact our Property Management firm, please address all correspondence to Florida Solutions Group c/o COA Commercial P.O Box 2608 Valrico, Florida 33595 or by email at rick@thefloridasolutionsgroup.com

Security is provided under contract with the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office.

The landscaping and lawn maintenance is provided under contract by U.S. Lawns.

Requests for Estoppel information from Realtors or Real Estate Agencies will NOT be answered by this entity. 

If you have a question for the tax District, please use the email below.