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Hillsborough County Special Dependent Tax District for Logan Gate Village

Hillsborough County Ordinance 87-50. 

The Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County issued this ordinance effective  December 16, 1987. 

The ordinance includes the following

The administration of the affairs of the district shall be governed by a board of seven members.

The ordinance shall define the powers and duties of the board.

Provide for the qualification of electors in the district and the manner of conducting the election of the board. 

Provide for removal of trustees and appointment to fill vacancies.

Provide for assessment and management of a special district tax.

Provide for the deposit and disbursement of funds of the district.

Establish a fiscal year budget.

Provide for publication of annual financial statements.

Relieve individual trustees from personal liability for obligations of the district.

Provide a procedure for the abolition of the district if necessary. 

Hold an advertised monthly public hearing.

A total of seven members shall serve four years.

There shall be a President, Vice President, a Recording Secretary and a Treasurer. 

There will be three trustees in addition to the elected officials who serve a four year period.